An important management tool for the UME Group has been its use of strategic planning. Today, we have a vision for 2020 globally which enables us to identify and evaluate new possibilities. We are well aware of our responsibilities and obligations as good corporate citizens.


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Our Mision.

We have always believed that in order to prosper we need the communities we serve and in which we operate to prosper as well: and that over the long term, healthy populations, healthy economies and healthy business performance are mutually reinforcing.

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Financial and valuable Assets.

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We believe that we can create value for our brothers and sisters globally by doing business in ways that specifically help to address global political, economical, natural disasters, human being issues and in the areas where ever UME invited to involve. This is what we mean when we speak about “UME the WORLD LEADER”. We proactively identify opportunities to link our core business activities to action on related all human being considering as our family. Sharing your views We hope you find our UME communications informative and engaging. We welcome your input and views, which you can share with us by using the Contact us area of our website.


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UME GROUP is going to introduce the largest banking network in India by 2017.It will also be the world's largest branched bank.


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UME East West Costal Corridor – Flag from Gujarat up to Shillong through Indian coastal areas which will provide 7 in 1 facilities. Two-way Bullet train, Six Lane Road, Wind Energy, Security for Indian Costal, Oil, Water and Gas distribution, IT cabling distribution and Sea Wall for Indian Costal. The future of this project will be a door for Asia – Africa – Europe and we call UME - Inter-Continent Costal Corridor with the same facilities without boundaries to lead us to be……“UME the WORLD LEADER”

2.Real Estate Euro 30 MILLION

(Estimated value of investment: Euro 50 MILLION) UME Plan to help Indian public and the country’s growth through real estate developments, both commercial and residential and for mixed used in tier 1, 2 and 3 cities including airport, yacht bay, ten, seven, five star hotels and townships.

3.Infrastructure Development Euro 50 MILLION

UME is keen to invest in India’s infrastructure development projects such as Sea ports, Air ports, Mono Rail, Metro Rail, National Highway projects and new roads in remote villages of India. The investment will be through BOLT or through a consortium of experienced infrastructure developers.

4.Education, Health, Public Security System - Euro 30 MILLION

UME will provide free education to brilliant students from economically backward society without any cast or creed. We aim to provide a clear and concise educational system all over India where every eligible student can enroll their future with us and assured employment with UME institutions worldwide. UME intend to upgrade all government medical colleges up to international level of standards through providing latest modern equipments through sponsorship. We are keen to take over lose-making hospitals and nursing homes. UME will introduce a new health care insurance scheme where each and every individual in BPL category can enjoy their life without worries. UME has designed a new software system to secure public from life threatening incidents. If any person makes a call to given three digits number a nearest mobile security vehicle will reach to the caller. UME is willing to upgrade Indian police subject to discussion with government authorities.

5.Tourism Euro 10 MILLION

UME is aiming to develop all over India the eco-tourism and ready to corporate with state and central government tourist ministries as well as with private sector who are in tours, travels and leisure/holiday sectors.

6. Sports Euro 20 MILLION

UME aims and dreams with our Indian brothers and sisters for a world cup foot ball and Olympics to be conducted in India in future. UME plans to build new world class stadiums, sports schools and universities with related infrastructure developments as per international standards to qualify with Fifa & Olympic authorities.

7. Energy-Power-Sector-Euro-50 MILLION

UME will invest in Energy and Power sector, oil and refineries, oil explorations, oil well maintenance, gas, mining, hydro, solar and wind electricity generating projects by tying up with industry leaders, and government organizations.

8.Industries and Manufacturing Sector Euro 30 MILLION

UME will invest in iron and steel industries, water desalination plant, aluminum processing plant, copper and gold processing plant, plastic industry, cement factories, silica processing plant, glass manufacturing, shipping and logistics, automobile and ancillary industries, telecommunication, IT etc.

9.Media and Entertainment Sectors Euro 100 MILLION

UME intend to help film industry in all languages of Indian states. We will produce minimum of 5 each big budget movies in each and every language of Indian states. UME will also start a number of channels for sports, news, entertainment, infotainment, etc. UME is also intending to help those newspapers in a mode of purchase/infusion of capital.

10.Banking & Insurance Sector Euro 50 MILLION

UME dreams to grow in India together with her brood through providing and prevailing rules lay out by RBI. UME also aim to introduce an amazing insurance plan based on living status of each individual to relax them from all kind of life threat. UME wish - every Indian to be a business man and every single farmer to be a Millionaire…..In Banking UME will be the ever largest bank in the world through its branches in villages. Every Indian Villages will have a UME banking facility.


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